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LEEDIT has gained a strong reputation as a leader in Open Source investigative techniques. Data theft and Internet crime present new challenges to law enforcement and government officials that go well beyond traditional police work. Our instructors are recognized experts in training investigators on how to use the Internet as an investigative aid - whether it's simple open source searching or online undercover operations, LEEDIT - your key to successful online investigations.
LEEDIT continues to be recognized as the de facto standard in online investigations.

LEEDIT tools and techniques are now offered in partnership with the Justice Institute of BC, Cyber Training International and .NExT Security.

While researching companies to instruct your officers, make sure you ask the following key questions:

  • Were the instructors ever law enforcement officers?
  • Have they been police or agency trained?
  • What experience do they have doing online investigations?
  • Do they have proven success with the arrests to back that up?
The techniques taught by LEEDIT can be used in any investigative setting by both the public and private sectors and our courses are tailor made for your needs.

LEEDIT utilizes Tactical Investigative Programming (TIP) methodology which was developed in 2006 to replace the USSS's scam reporting address and to create two other classified applications still in use today. TIP provides law enforcement with intel they need immediately and leverages technologies and procedures that corporate America and the public sector now take for granted.